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SNAP A LURE is a clamshell cover that snaps over the lure on a fishing pole. It protects you from being hooked by a fishing lure and the line from becoming tangled. Be ready when the fish are biting.

SNAP A LURE is a low priced convenient way to protect yourself, your family and your pets from the pain of getting hooked by fishing lures on your pole. Now you can carry many rods in your car without the frustration of ending up with a tangled mess!

SNAP A LURE fits on all types of rods including spinning and casting rods, fly fishing rods, saltwater rods, salmon and steelhead rods, children rods and ice fishing poles. It measures 11/2" in diameter and 5" length. Our NEW model for large baits is 23/4" in diameter and 8" length.

SNAP A LURE- 11/2" in diameter and 5" length
snap a lure

Large SNAP A LURE- 2 3/4" in diameter and 8" length.

SNAP A LURE can be purchased individually from a variety of retail locations and websites.

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Snap a Lure

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